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Our Vision

Our vision is a healthy and vibrant media industry across all platforms in New Zealand. We believe that the health and well-being of the people within New Zealand’s media are central to the good of what gets produced and consumed. In the fast paced and changing nature of the modern media environment, achieving balance and a sense of well-being can be difficult. For this reason we seek to provide confidential support and encouragement to all media personnel at no cost.

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Who We Are

Media Chaplaincy New Zealand is a faith based, Christian service organisation operated by the Christian Broadcasting Association (CBA). CBA has a long history of creating quality radio programming for a wide range of New Zealand broadcasting entities.

Media Chaplaincy New Zealand was established and is run by people with a connection to, and a love for the media landscape. We’re people who understand the pressures of the industry and have a desire to see those within it thrive. If you would like to financially support the work of Media Chaplaincy New Zealand, head over to CBA.


For Organisations

Under health and safety regulations within New Zealand, organisations are responsible for the holistic well-being of their staff, not just for their physical well-being in the work place. The availability of Media Chaplaincy New Zealand enables media organisations to have a place to turn for the personal support of staff prior to the need for something like counseling.

At no cost, the services of Media Chaplaincy New Zealand help media organisations to meet the obligations they have towards their staff. Because it is a free and confidential service we suggest simply making staff aware of its availability so they can access it as they see fit. The services of Media Chaplaincy New Zealand can also be suggested to specific staff during times of stress, change, or whenever a manager believes it could be helpful for an individual.

For Organisations
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